MAG-ROAD was established in 2004 and at the very beginning it was engaged in an international and domestic forwarding trade.

Since 2007 we have expanded our activities and begun our own international transport. Each year we are increasing our base of cars. Apart from that, we are licensed to perform international transport of goods.


Our clients

We support!

  • In 2014 we sponsored a marathon runner, Mr. Ireneusz Turlik. The aim was to get the Crown of Polish Marathons. To achieve this, five largest marathons in the country have to be completed.

  • Marathons were organized in 5 Polish cities:
    - Dębno
    - Kraków (Cracow)
    - Warszawa (Warsaw)
    -  Poznań
    - Wrocław

  • This is a prestigious achievement. We would like to congratulate Mr. Ireneusz Turlik and wish him many successes in the future.

Annually we transport 80 000 000 kg of load.
Our vehicles travel 10 000 000 km/year. 
Our trucks carried the distance equal to 15 754 globe circuits.

  • domestic and international forwarding trade
  • domestic and international transport
  • transport of dangerous goods
  • transport of oversized load
  • load transshipment
  • storage and logistics
  • trucks service
  • vulcanization

 We are in the whole Europe so we can transport from any place to any destination with reasonable caution and full commitment. We support people in need and many interesting initiatives: we regularly finance the needs of children from the Foundation, we help children from school in Korytów (e.g. we bought a Full HD TV for educational purposes) and sponsor marathons.


  • 1 The high quality of service - for efficient operation and customer satisfaction.
  • 2 Support in the implementation and improvement of projects and finding alternative logistics solutions.
  • 3 Modern and environment-friendly fleet which meets EURO 6 standards. Vehicles are replaced every three years, with a full 3-years warranty.
  • 4 Security – Global Positioning System (GPS) - allows full control over vehicles, verification of exploitation costs, as well as the time and place of work.
  • 5 Insurance - meets nonstandard requirements to protect you e.g. against the negligence and others. You will not find in 95% of transport companies.
  • 6 Timeliness - you can be sure that we do everything to fulfill your order and meet the needs of your business.
  • 7 Commitment – our job is our life and we believe that is the best prescription for success. Responding to your needs we provide you support, the highest quality of service and communication efficiency.
  • 8 We respect fair play rules towards our competitors.
  • 9 Experience - we focus on it as it allows us to be the best in everything what important both for you and for us.
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