EcologyNorma EURO 6

MakeMAN TGX Efficient Line,
Mercedes Actros MP4

TypeLOW LINER, a vehicle with a possibility to run with semitrailer MEGA 100CBM

Propertiesautomatic transmission, ABS, ASR, ESP systems, Man telematics system and FlletBoard in Mercedes make


MakeKOEGEL, mega 100 cbm, wysokość 3m

DescriptionHydraulically lifting roof 30 cm up, sliding sideways , back and roof, DIN EN 12642XL CODE, multilock system, variofix system, sistema 4 WIDE

Angle irons32 pieces/ vehicle

Lashing straps15 pieces/ vehicle

Transverse lath 1 piece
Height 2,78 m

Parametersdouble floor, pallet baskets and pallets, multilook

Load66 pallets (two times more than standard tariler)

DescriptionGoods can be loaded on 2 decks and the lower part will not be destroyed

Pallets33 pieces in a busket


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